Welcome to Hands 2 Small


Hands 2 Small is a robotics art project created by Che Edoga

Che Edoga is an artist, roboticists, futurist, naturalist, and educator.   He has served as a science and robotics teacher for more than 10 years. Che Edoga also works as a multi-media artist and kinetic sculptor, combining his love of education an art. Edoga is currently writing an educational book on robotics. He and his robotics students were featured on a Discovery Channel documentary in 2005, and have won several awards for robotics and science over the past several years. Edoga's creations continue to appear in robotics magazines. Edoga earned his Masters of Fine Arts at California Institute of the Arts, and his bachelors at Skidmore college. There he found his voice as a musician and composer. For the past twenty years he has worked on a solo music project called “The Dark Backwards” in which he is the only live musician. Edoga sees his robotic creations as an outward expression of his inner interpretation of the world. He once said, “I dream of making a computer that can make music that can make a person cry.” He believes that by building his robots by hand, he somehow imbues them with a part of himself. 

Squidword shooting rockets.

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